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Jessica Lincoln Sucks And Swallows Brandon Iron Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:20:34
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    I met Jessica, 23, in Budapest when she came over to pay oral tribute. I'm a quarter-century her senior but she doesn't seem to mind. She sits backwards on a chair in a floral skirt and red t-back thong. I greet her in her native Russian and the revolution in my pants begins. Her ass is inspected before the skirt is removed and she drops to her knees. 2 questions are asked and answered: 1. Do you like to suck? Answer: Yes, I like suck. 2. Do you like to swallow? Answer: Swallow, I like. She removes my pants and starts kissing my shaft. For the next 18 minutes, I am taken deep into her nesting doll mouth, each layer a more intricate level of pleasure. There's the deep throat love, ball licking, rimming, and two-hand-stroke-while-sucking. In the 9th minute, her throat makes some very unladylike noises. We play the Nose-to-Belly Game. She turns the tables and asks me the burning question on her mind, “You cum in my mouth?” Jessica sucks me to completion, shows off her prize, and eats it. As she walks away, she gives a coy wave and says, “Goodbye.” Russian President Vladimir Putin was visiting Budapest at the same time but it was Jessica's oral diplomacy that brought East and West closer. ??????? (Placebo/Thank you!) Why drive a Ford when you can drive a Lincoln??
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    Cast & Stars: Jessica Lincoln Sucks And Swallows Brandon Iron

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