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    Today the rubbery slave can enjoy himself as a test person in Queen Jennifer Carter's new SERIOUS KIT SUIT in her exclusive studio. After a proper bottom greeting of the mistresses the two ladies go to action. The slave, whose tail is already raptured with nervousness about what is expected of him at first "rubberized" and with the assistance of Lady Carmen under the leadership of Queen Jennifer, who is a true master of tubing, his tail is connected to the MILKER. The hard piston has already completely filled the volume and is already threatening to implode with permanent horniness because the Queen already has the next sadistic idea and deprives him of the oxygen and the resulting vacuum now literally sucks the horniness out of all his limbs. The heavy latex suit nestles like a second skin to the Seriouskit beginner. A few electrodes on his tail and multi-function cylinder caps for his nipples let the current from the power station of the legendary ET-312 flow through the whole suit and herald the next level. The rubbery slave is beamed into the 7th heaven while his sucked cock dies in the rubber hell. A facesitting of the two ladies on the vacuumed mask carrier provides for additional head cinema. The mode is now fully set to ORGASMUS. At the push of a button and fully automated. There's no better way to start a Monday morning. Serious Monday!
    • Clip 1 - 59 mins 26 secs

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    Cast & Stars: Serious Kit Monday

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