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Crash Pad Series -  Episode 8: Mik & Wes Box Cover
Approximate Running Time: 00:21:26
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    Mik and Wes; college sweethearts stumble upon San Francisco's best kept secret.

    I remember those hot college days of fucking endlessly with newfound sexual energy. The Crash Pad is the perfect summer break hideaway and you can bet that's where I would have been spending most of my time. There's nothing that quite brings back that nostalgia than watching these two boys go at it. Intimately sweet with a touch of daddy power play, ah the memories! You kinda want to just take them home with you... or meet them here.

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    Cast & Stars: Crash Pad Series - Episode 8: Mik & Wes

    Comments on Crash Pad Series - Episode 8: Mik & Wes

    Editor's Review

    I can always tell when it’s been a little too long between Crash Pad Series viewings. I start getting bored with watching people do it on film. That’s right, porn starts to get same old, same old and I squirm in my seat, just waiting for something that catches my eye. And then I remember the Crash Pad and I do my happy dance in my desk chair. Seriously, every time I sit down to review a Pink and White flick, I know that my porn watching eyes will reset themselves and soon I will see hotness wherever I look. This time was no exception. This time I got Mik and Wes. Yum.

    While I refuse to assume anything about the gender identities of these hotties (can ‘hottie’ be a gender identity? Please?), the description of this flick has them both listed as boys and their star bios use man pronouns, so that’s just what I’m gonna do! It’s always way hotter to get someone’s identity and pronoun correct, amiright? Even just writing that sentence made me a little hot and bothered… Anyway, back to the awesome queer sexin’!

    Power is one of the absolute sexiest things I can possibly think of, so when Mik starts getting all “daddy” on Wes within the first few minutes, I am already sold – hook, line and sinker. I love how tender, yet toppy, he is with Wes and we can see just how into it both of them are. All those sweet, filthy whispers and delicious kisses make it all the better for me. Mik just keeps whispering “you’re such a good boy” in Wes’ ear and I’m basically done in for. Yep, this movie is making it to my ‘bring home’ list ASAP. And as I say that, I’m only half way through it.

    So many power dynamics and so much hot, hot sex. Can you tell I enjoyed this movie. If you are looking for awesome queer sex – I’m pretty sure you found it.