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Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
appears in 10 videos.


Petra Joy is an award-winning erotic filmmaker who has been creating porn from a female perspective for over a decade. Petra’s unique “artcore” films feature authentic sex, strong female leads, male “sex objects” and a cinematic look. With her rich heriatge of realising female fantasies on film, Petra Joy has become one of the leading alternative porn directors whose work has been shown worldwide to great acclaim. If you crave creative, exciting, and subversive porn that breaks the mainstream mould, you've found it right here. Enjoy!

Born in Germany, Petra got her first stills camera at the age of 6 and immediately developed a talent for expressing her visual nature. In her teenage years she began to publish her photography in various magazines. Attending the University of Cologne she read Film Studies and History, gaining her MA in 1990 with a thesis concerning the portrayal of female sexuality in Nazi propaganda films.

After graduating, Petra worked for almost two decades as a freelance television producer and director, working on over 50 documentaries. Many of these films were about female sexuality and the multi-facetted UK sex scene. This work took her to England where she still lives today.In 2004, Petra founded Strawberry Seductress, an erotic photography service aimed at women and couples. Petra’s work soon gathered attention and she was awarded “Photographer of the Year” at the 2004 Erotic Awards.

In the same year, Petra produced and directed her first erotic film, Sexual Sushi as an experiment to see if she could bring her vision of female-focused porn to the screen. This unique erotic film, featuring a real-life couple and an artistic approach to erotic filmmaking, became a surprise success – even though or because it broke all the mainstream porn rules. Encouraged by this success Petra produced and directed more “art-core” films from a female perspective. In 2006, Petra released her critically-acclaimed follow up to Sexual Sushi, Female Fantasies. This film gathered much media attention and was the recipient of a Feminist Porn Award in Toronto.

In the same year Petra published a book Adult Movie Making for Couples with Harper Collins. This book was published in England, France, Germany, America and Australia and became the basis of porn workshops for women that Petra taught Europe-wide.

Finding similar-minded female directors through festival appearances and networking, Petra began to curate the best-selling Her Porn DVD series in 2008, giving fellow female directors a place to collect and distribute their work that may otherwise have gone unnoticed by many. Petra also utilizes the power of her unique label to distribute fellow female filmmakers in Europe. Encouraged by the idea of promoting existing female directors, as well as mentoring new ones, and with the experience of the difficulties in getting work published, she created the Petra Joy Awards in 2009, an award for first time erotic female filmmakers.

Petra’s own film productions continued with Feeling It (Not Faking It) in 2008 and then again in 2011 with The Female Voyeur which won “Steamiest straight movie” at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto. Petra continued to make headlines with her autobiographical book The She Pornographer. Female Fantasies: My Revolution Of Lust which was published by Heyne in Germany in June 2012. In 2013 Petra published A Taste Of Joy, a double DVD, featuring new short films by Petra as well as a documentary about Petra’s work as a feminist pornographer. Two short films from A Taste of Joy were award with the Cinekink Bring It! Award and the First Dusk Porna Award.

In 2014 Petra focused on the production of her sixth feature film (S)he comes! which premiered at the Pornfilmfest Berlin and has been nominated for an XBiz Award as “feminist release of the year”.

A Taste Of Joy


Video: A Taste Of Joy
Premium Title

Petra Joy’s latest erotic film focuses on female pleasure and celebrates authentic . . .

20 Ratings

(S)he Comes (Disc 1)


Video: (S)he Comes (Disc 1)
Premium Title

2015 XBiz Awards Nominee "Feminist Release Of The Year".
(S)he Comes . . .

32 Ratings

(S)he Comes (Disc 2)


Video: (S)he Comes (Disc 2)
Premium Title

2015 XBiz Awards Nominee "Feminist Release Of The Year".
This documentary . . .

16 Ratings

The Female Voyeur


Video: The Female Voyeur

2012 Feminist Porn Award Winner - Steamiest Straight Movie

The wait was . . .

66 Ratings

Her Porn Volume 2 (Disc 2)


Video: Her Porn Volume 2 (Disc 2)

This compilation celebrates the best porn made by women for women: from sensational . . .

10 Ratings

Her Porn Volume 2 (Disc 1)


Video: Her Porn Volume 2 (Disc 1)

Petra Joy brings you 17 erotic shorts that celebrate the best erotica made by women . . .

50 Ratings

Her Porn Volume 1 (Disc 2)


Video: Her Porn Volume 1 (Disc 2)

From sensual porn classics made in America to artistic "porn noir" fetish films, . . .

17 Ratings

Her Porn Volume 1 (Disc 1)


Video: Her Porn Volume 1 (Disc 1)

From sensual porn classics made in America to artistic "porn noir" fetish films, . . .

55 Ratings

Female Fantasies


Video: Female Fantasies

2008 Feminist Porn Award Winner for Best Bi Scene.

Petra Joy's second erotic . . .

82 Ratings

Feeling It! Not Faking It


Video: Feeling It! Not Faking It

2009 Feminist Porn Award Nominee.

Award winning director, Petra Joy . . .

106 Ratings